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completely reworking my daw workflow from scratch… gonna be tedious but ive learned so much and my mixes are gonna end up sounding so much better B)

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a very sick and twisted criminal

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snidy replied to your post “its a little frustrating and disheartening to me that theres a…”

idk sometimes a lack of emphasis on technical stuff isn’t all that bad, and when the music is more emotionally based it isnt really needed because music manifests in so many different ways yknow? but then again i still dont know

i think i cleared this up in the other reply but yeah. this is an interesting thing too because in music i think technique and emotion are pretty closely involved, or maybe they could even emerge as a result of one another. i dont think any music is more or less “emotionally based,” i think all music is an expression of emotion in some way or another, and the more familiar you are with technique the more room you have to express those emotions. in a lot of cases technicality doesnt equate to flashiness at all, i think it can actually require a lot more technical skill to pull off sounds that are more understated, or deliberately messy/unpolished etc.